Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What I wanna wear this Spring/Summer.

It's that time of year, the sun is up and it is spilling over the skies and slitting through the clouds, I need to look good and enjoy the sun, a very job but looks excellent if done well. I personally have a list of things I want to wear but so does everyone . I will upload things that I need as an ideal. In the spring, due to the weird weather I have here in London I have to be careful what I wear and what I would love to wear. Obviously, there are the essentials which one must posses, these range from footwear to sunglasses, I will list a simplistic list of things that I would be wearing this spring and summer. I hope my ideas help you guys establish a clear idea as to what you will feature in your wardrobe this spring and summer.

> A pair of All Star Converses
> White shirt (over sized preferably)
> White Jeans/ Black Jeans .note: ankle cut are best, experiment with cutting them in a DIY style
> Vest Tops
> Cotton Chinos
> Mom Jeans (high - waist)
> Crop tops (loose and to-fit cut)
> Tank Tops
> Vans (due to them be solely comfortable)
> Dungarees ( every color and every cut)


Friday, 6 April 2012

Ralph Lauren 2012 Fall/Winter

I just watched this fashion show and nearly held my breath throughout watching the whole show, it was simply stunning. Everything was so beautiful, really shows elegance and simple class through female clothing. Lauren did an excellent job as per-usual.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fashion Style Inspirations.

Every month I will do a post about individual fashion styles, from now on that appeal to me and blog about how beautiful they are, simply because there are some people in this world who are just stunning and can dress incredibly well, all these people have stunning fashion sense.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Year, New Me...Nah!

I'm not a different person, but hey it's a new year, and I need a leather jacket, I just need one they look amazing, I don't want with those nasty studs I want plain black with the gold zip to give it edge, lol. I have loads of exams this year, yeah but I will post loads more, I'm just lazy, I will be taking loads of photo's in summer obviously like polaroid moments, I intend to have the best summer of my life. This is life, yo!


Monday, 23 January 2012


Everything is so beautiful, I love the first 2 green pieces, stunning, and the music is great it's a band called Avuis. Love fashion Shows.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Inflated / Deflated.

The Inflated/Deflated project was initiated by Jillian, Lauren, and Kady - three creatives based out of Chicago, IL. The three of us wanted to share this project with the public and have thus created inflateddeflated.com.

The words written on our balloons range from humorous quotes to heartfelt feelings and memories. These words are marked on the surface of inflated balloons, and like that of one’s thoughts being released, so too is the air of the balloon. Deflated the once largely marked letters become small, expressive, and intricate forms. We hope you enjoy!

This idea is amazing, and I love the little quotes they put on the balloons, and the different handwriting on the balloons give them some time of character, and the quotes are just so real that nearly everybody can relate to them, it's a quirky cool fun thing these guys have done.

Check out their tumblr: http://inflateddeflated.com/