Sunday, 27 November 2011

A World Captured By The Camera : PAOLA RIVERO.

Rivero has a taste the simple photography, but we must no underestimate the word simple, his photograph's are simple wrapped in subtle strange beauty, I'm not a big fan or black white unless it's like ballerina's or films, but Paola's black and white photograph's, they are just breathtaking, they look almost quite delicate, and it's just a moment captured and one thing I love about her photograph's is how none of the photo's have contact with the viewer, it's like the photograph holds moments of mysteries. The second photograph the colours are just so stunning. I adore her photographs, and I think that they will be a wave of photograph's who will start to take a simplistic turn in their photography.

More of Paola's photographs :


Thursday, 24 November 2011

U S E D.

Yes, a new beauty of a magazine has landed on the shelves near you, going by the name of Used Magazine, it is so beautiful, it is filled with stunning editorials' pretty little girls with pixie pink hair and pretty boys who look like girls, and have lovely long hair. There are so many good photographers like Sarah Piantadosi who captured the cover, and Tom Craig who just captures pictures that leave you in awe. USED is a magazine based in London which has just been launched this November and it is only £6.


Sunday, 20 November 2011


These are just perfect and I kind of need all of them, gold on glasses frames look beautiful.




Normal people think jewellery is bracelets and necklaces and earrings, p.s in my world jewellery is rings, bracelets are pretty, and so are the other things but rings are totally my thing are I wear loads of rings.



Shoes I want and really need, they are so beautiful obviously there are more but hey I'm not going to bore you with loads of shoes, some of these I'm not going to get, but hey they look well pretty, they are just so radical don't you think, if you want some links for these shoes then send me a message.


Saturday, 19 November 2011


It's my birthday today, yes oh yeah, one year older than I was yesterday and still feeling the same, anyway got money, ate more than usual food, smiled for photo's, hugged and thanked loads of presents from people, and tomorrow I'm going to purchase loads more things, my family were nice and stuff. Look what I've found, they are just super rad , I want one!


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Photography,Winter and of course Music.

Okay, I have a new camera which I super happy with it's a film camera, and it's beautiful, literally, I want to capture everything gaah! Winter is here, kinda early Autumn seems to be completely abandoned by Mother Nature, okay there are leaves, but it's just gone straight to be really cold, oh well, this is London, but what I am looking forward to about Winter, people dress like 50x better, everybody looks stunning on the streets, there will be the odd bunch of tramps and chavs on the street's but hey, the awesome people will be dressed like a godess, look how sexy that necklace and clutch is, I need to purchase those. Okay, music has changed again, I have no idea what Britain's No.1 in the charts I have slipped back into like 90's and 80's song's, they sound so good, my Ipod is like bipolar.


Friday, 11 November 2011

Snow White.

Okay, the fairytale nearly every kid remembers, the fairytale has been changed, first of all, miss snow White has a sword and a suit of armour, and flicks her hair in slow motion. She still has dwarfs but they are huntsmen. The wicked witch is awesome, she bursts into all cool things. I think it wrecks the story of snow White but is real awesome as a film. It's kinda cool to see Miss Kristen Stewart with emotion and not depressed about some vampire. I actually want to see this film.


Monday, 7 November 2011