Saturday, 21 January 2012

Inflated / Deflated.

The Inflated/Deflated project was initiated by Jillian, Lauren, and Kady - three creatives based out of Chicago, IL. The three of us wanted to share this project with the public and have thus created

The words written on our balloons range from humorous quotes to heartfelt feelings and memories. These words are marked on the surface of inflated balloons, and like that of one’s thoughts being released, so too is the air of the balloon. Deflated the once largely marked letters become small, expressive, and intricate forms. We hope you enjoy!

This idea is amazing, and I love the little quotes they put on the balloons, and the different handwriting on the balloons give them some time of character, and the quotes are just so real that nearly everybody can relate to them, it's a quirky cool fun thing these guys have done.

Check out their tumblr:

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