Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Photography,Winter and of course Music.

Okay, I have a new camera which I super happy with it's a film camera, and it's beautiful, literally, I want to capture everything gaah! Winter is here, kinda early Autumn seems to be completely abandoned by Mother Nature, okay there are leaves, but it's just gone straight to be really cold, oh well, this is London, but what I am looking forward to about Winter, people dress like 50x better, everybody looks stunning on the streets, there will be the odd bunch of tramps and chavs on the street's but hey, the awesome people will be dressed like a godess, look how sexy that necklace and clutch is, I need to purchase those. Okay, music has changed again, I have no idea what Britain's No.1 in the charts I have slipped back into like 90's and 80's song's, they sound so good, my Ipod is like bipolar.


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