Friday, 30 December 2011

TRENDS: Hates & Likes.

Few days before we roll into 2012, everybody is making all these new resolutions I'm not because I say if you're not doing it now then you're not going to do it later, it's the truth. Lately I have been some really good trends and some really bad ones, the good ones where :

Tippings, which is where you literally tip the end of your hair in a different colours.
Wearing white shirts under jumpers, they look stunning.
Oxford Docs and Creepers reappearing in the fashion world, they are beautiful shoes.
Rad Dyed Hair, some of the colours people are so beautiful.
Street Photography especially the photo's with graffiti backgrounds.

Now one's I really hate:

Leggings, why would you wear that outside like it's trousers,you want something skinny and slim ever heard of skinny jeans, you have, right, stop wearing leggings!
All Jean Outfit, they have jeans on, then a jeans jacket and then a jeans shirt and the jeans material is all one colours you look awful.
Jeggins and Treggings, no stop inventing stuff just get a good pair of jeans.
Pink things, like making Pink Doc Martens, Pink Creepers and Oxford okay getting it in pink won't make you cooler or better than average makes you look weird.

Rant is Done, yo.


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