Friday, 14 October 2011

Hip & Thigh Fabric.

Okay, I am sick and tired, ladies stop wearing jeggings, leggings and jeans, jeans are alright but not everybody, all the time. There are different fabrics in this world, jeans are fine, but if it's the light blue jeans they look nasty, sorry if that is your favoruite pair of jeans, they look disgustings get a pair of dark coloured jeans, they look much better. If you know that you wear jeans too much you should try one of the pair of trousers above. Leather pants, stunning, slick and if you have a lovely figure, show it , girl. If you are lazy, and like wearing bigger clothes, wear looser pants like the kilt print trousers worn with the right thing, they look great. Hi to all those tomboys, wearing the same pair of jeans, try and wear the cashmere or velvet chinos, they look so mucher and fit more with the fashion espically if you don't spend loads of cash on clothes. Sorry, but dump the jeans please, for your own sake.


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