Friday, 16 September 2011

Apparently, these are painting's, I don't think they are, of course they are paintings, but they look too realistic and just amazing, I think every painter's dream is to make their painting as close as possible to reality. I like crystal's they look so pretty, especially when light is streaming through it, these are so pretty, and think Waito, has an incredible talent, that should be advertised everywhere. I have fallen in love with this, they are so pretty, and the white background has made everything so beautiful. It's not even realistic, it's brutally realistic, many people find it hard to believe that these's are painting's, these are stunning and personally I think the most pretties thing about them is that , they have light reflecting of their surfaces. The blue one no.1 is just so deep blue, it's like the sky before it get's ready for a sunset. no.3 is just like whoa factor it is so stunning, how many crystal's are together. no.4 is just beautiful it looks like a photograph of someone's ring. I love this little collection.


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