Sunday, 25 September 2011

A World Captured by the camera : Sid Black.

I very much adore photo diaries, they show a beautiful collection of photo's, digital or not, and memories are best stored and shared in photo form. Film Camera's are beautiful, and the film photo's are beautiful, especially if they are captured well, and this photographer, has become the Master of Film, his photo's are incredibly dreamy, film photo's never looked so good. When ever I view his photo stream I feel like he has travelled everywhere and his photo's are an insight on all his adventures, and I am made to feel like I am seeing all he has saw. None of his work is specific like, portraits, buildings or sunsets, he captures everything, everything looks amazing, and it makes you feel like the color's will seep of the photo. Also, it's just how Sid captures everything that he sees and then photographs it so well.I really adore how he has captured colour's and flares, many photographer's I've looked at, blogged about have been amazing but Sid, has a real rare talent for photography, he is so in balance with his camera. Light, tones, flares, angles have never been captured so beautifully, and all of his photo's look so cinematic, like every shot is a still from a beautiful film. I love of all Sid's photo's.

To View More Of Sid's photo's :


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