Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A world captured by the camera: Hannah Davis.

Pictures are important. Pictures hold memories, stories, personal experience's. Some photo's are just so amazing, that you wish that you had captured them. This photographer, is just incredible with her camera, all her photo's are breathtaking, the photo's have such life and subtle beauty, when I view Davis's photo's I find it hard to take my eyes of the photo's, in a weird way it is surreal, I like photographer's that capture clean photo's that just capture the moment and then add their own magical creativity to it. I like sunset's, they look beautiful, I adore Davis's sunset's they are just so amazing, anyone can take pictures of sunset's it's not hard, but what is, is to capture the sunset and then soak it with your personal creativity and magic. I just have fallen for her photo's, the way she capture's light in her photo's are just make me go whoa, especially the colours they are just so strong, take a look :

Take a look at Hannah's photo stream:

If you want to purchase any of her photo's visit :

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