Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Those Canvas Lovers: Linnea Strid.

Tear me apartThe night and the rainCry you a riverAnd as the foam of the sea I shall be driven about

I'm a photography girl, I love photo's, to me photo's are just so stunning, that's the only thing I can do, don't get me wrong I love art, but painting is just not my forte, I can paint but, it doesn't come naturally too me, and it's just hard for me. That's why I have such love for painters who have painting in their genes and can paint incredible pictures. Painting,for Stockholm genius, is just comes naturally. I looked at one of her painting's and I couldn't stop staring at it, I was just really amazed, the painting looks life- like, and how Strid, has captured the detail's just scare me, because they look so astounding. I couldn't believe that they were paintings, and think that the way she has painted the water in her paintings, has her put on the map of great painters for me. In photography, water looks stunning with the water, but in paintings they look totally unreal, and I think you should be more mesmerized.
Take a look at her photo stream:



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