Friday, 9 September 2011

A world captured by the camera : Panda.

Creativity. Beauty. Portrait Master. When ever I view the photo's, I always feel like the photo's are apart of a dark mysterious movie, it's almost like a beautiful cinematography photo book, the photographer captures in natural light,which is hard too control at times, but the photographer has always got it spot on, and she uses it beautifully, in addition all of her photo's look realistic. The Photographer works never ceases to enchant and amaze the viewer, she has eyes which leaves the observer stunned, the photos are simplistic and filled with grace. Portraits, in genral at times can be boring to look at, but her portraits are beyond the photo and are never boring, it's like she's looking at you, and you expect her too blink or come to life. Be prepared to be amazed:

happy weekend!
Don't memorize the leaves that cover to deceive to make you forget me
impossibleprincess                       ♥

You are amazed, and you are still looking at the pictures. Now go look at her photo stream and be more amazed :


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