Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Power of the pen & the pencil : Raphael Vicenzi

Vicenzi, is a self taught illustrator from Brussels, who has taught himself well, very well indeed, his illustrations are filled with colors, life, and originality, the colours on the page are amazing, and I love how typography in his pieces, also the paint that drips down in the pieces look like graffiti, the surreal feeling it causes is lovely, it’s amazing how the subject always has eye contact with the viewer it’s slightly creepy. Either way I adore his work, it's incredibly messy like spirals and colorful balls, it's chaotic and at the same time quite calm. His work should be refereed to The Chaotic and The Calm. All of his work is just so interesting to look at, one of the few artist who can hypnotize me with his amazing work.


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